Many people feel close connections with colors throughout their everyday life. Colors can showcase moods and feelings and represent strong spiritual connections. If you want to tap into color aspects of your energy training, then you could look for many color-based courses at an online energy healing school.

An online energy healing class can provide a lot of specific instruction on colors and ways to introduce colors into the energy services you supply others. Check out some of the ways to learn about colors.

1. Crystal Colors and Energy

Crystals often get broken down and categorized through their shape and mineral, but color can play a big part as well. The crystals you use for energy healing can give off a much different vibe with different color tones and options. Through a detailed crystal course, you can break down crystal colors and learn how certain colors highlight specific attributes.

The crystal colors you focus on can have a wide range and help you build your crystal collection. As you go through a course, you will know which crystals to focus on and maintain your energy with. The crystal colors can connect you on a whole different level and provide more insight to specific energy healing properties.

2. Aura Readings

Some courses may focus specifically on aura readings. An aura reading includes a picture taken of a patient with a special set up that will showcase the colorized energy fields around the person. Through an aura reading course, you will learn about the equipment and set-up needed to take the pictures.

Once you learn the technical aspect, you will expand to learn how to read the colors in pictures. You will know how to read single colors on their own along with specific color mixtures. For example, you could learn how to read the energies of someone with a majority of yellow and some red highlights.

After you master the course, you will have skills needed to hold your own aura readings and set up your own photo space.

3. Color Art Therapy

Art therapy has been used for years. People use art therapy as a way to express their emotions visually and with a wide range of colors. The art therapy does not have to feel random though. As you learn color art therapy techniques, you will learn specific ways to hone in on color use and creating different energies.

For example, you can learn how to choose specific colors to tap into certain energy healing properties. In some cases, you may have patients harness positive energies. In other cases, they could release negative energy.

Find online energy classes and see the different ways you can use color to work with others and make a big impact on their lives.