Taking the SAT can be a very stressful event for a teenager-- SAT schools can play a major role in college acceptances and determine where a young adult will continue his or her higher education. If you are the parent of a teenager, you may want to consider hiring an experienced SAT tutor to help your child prepare for the exam. An SAT tutor can be an excellent investment, but in order to get the best results, you need to hire the right tutor. Use the following tips to help ensure that you hire the best SAT tutor for your teenager.

Ask About Results of Past Clients

A highly experienced SAT tutor should be able to get results with the clients that he or she works with. Before hiring an SAT tutor, don't be afraid to ask him or her about how his or her past clients have scored on the SAT. In addition to asking the tutor this question, feel free to request references. Take the time to contact the references in order to learn more about how effective an SAT tutors tutoring was, and how it helped past clients with the actual test.

Look for Personalized Lessons

All people learn in different ways, including teenagers. A great SAT tutor will provide personalized lessons based on a client's strengths and weaknesses. You may want to avoid a tutor that uses a set lesson plan when preparing a teen for the SATs, as there is a chance that a generic lesson plan won't be nearly as effective as personalized lessons.

Access to Legitimate Practice Tests

There are many ways to prepare for the SAT, and some tutors and tutoring companies develop their own in-house guides to help a client study and prepare. However, it is important to hire an SAT tutor who also has access to legitimate practice tests from the company that creates the test. Legitimate practice tests are very important in helping students become familiar with how the test is set up and what type of wording is used.

Homework Assignments

Scoring high on the SAT requires a lot of hard work and preparation for most teenagers. Since most parents only hire an SAT tutor for their teenagers a few hours a week, or even less, it is a good idea to hire a tutor who gives clients homework assignments between sessions. These assignments will help a student become better prepared when studying for the exam on their own. 

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