Your new neighbor caught your eye from the moment they moved in, and you can't help but wonder if there's a chance that you could date. While it might be a little intimidating to try to talk to someone who speaks a different language, the extra effort is worth it when you open up the opportunity to get to know someone new. As you prep to make your introduction, use these tips to let the deaf man next door know that you are truly interested in sparking a relationship.

Observe How He Communicates

In the deaf community, a variety of techniques are used to enhance communication, and many people choose to use more than one to understand what people are saying. Pay attention to the guy you like when he is outside to see how he prefers to communicate. For instance, he may use lip reading in addition to ASL to talk to the people around him. Once you notice how he prefers to communicate, you will be able to adjust your approach to make it easier for him to get to know you.

Enroll in ASL Classes

While waving hello and smiling are simple gestures that let your crush know that you are interested, you may discover that you want to learn how to do ASL to increase your options for conversation. ASL classes for beginners offered by centers like ASL DEAFined help you learn the basic signs that deaf people use to communicate so that you can take your conversation beyond the typical polite neighborly interactions. Knowing a few signs will also help you feel more confident as you approach your new neighbor.

Practice Your New Skills

Frequent practice sessions are the best way to learn ASL. In addition to the time that you spend in your classes, make sure to use sign language as you talk to your friends and family. In fact, you can even let your crush know that you are working on learning ASL and ask him to help you practice. Although it does take time to become fluent in any new language, the expressive nature of ASL allows you to quickly begin to enhance your ability to communicate with your neighbor and other members of the deaf community.

When someone sparks your interest, language should never be a barrier to getting to know them. By making it a point to communicate with your new neighbor using the strategies that work best for them, you may just find yourself on the receiving end of his admiration.